Hair Loss Hair Extensions Review

Hair loss hair extensions

Review by a Customer

Hair loss including thinning hair has been my problem since I turn 25 years old.

I live far from New York but after I read in Allure about Rodolfo Valentin, I decided to follow their advice. I call for an appointment and the receptionist was very helpful she made me feel that it truly was the right place to go for my hair problem.

Rodolfo guided me through all their hair replacement options and the most I liked was the combination of their hair extensions joined for a hair piece on the top. At first I was concerned about the hair extensions after reading how many disasters they have caused to others, but their hair extensions seemed to be safe, no heaviness, very light extensions and they only used their hands and a healthy looking adhesive.

It was an expensive proposition since I paid 2800 for the extensions plus another 2800 hundred for the top piece. I asked some customers there using similar products, they told me how happy they were for a long time having them, and so I decided to go for it. The most impressive is that the hair extensions and the hair piece are both having very good quality of hair that is exactly matching my own.

I must say that thanks to God I have them! My hair has volume, length and for first time I feel a complete woman. My hair was the only thing I needed to feel totally secure of myself.

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The hair piece is easy to handle, I can remove it myself and put it back. The hair extensions were a bit itchy at the beginning. They explained to me that it is a normal sensation for the first couple weeks.

Now I have been 5 weeks already wearing the hair piece and the extensions and the itching disappeared and I am the happiest person on earth. But I follow their advice and same as their other customers; I do not let anybody else touch my hair, I don’t even wash it myself. I only go to them for a weekly shampoo and blow-dry. In this way I feel safe and preserving my investment.

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